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Do dental implants look natural?

If you have missing teeth and are in need of replacements then your dentist may have recommended dental implants. Today, our Toronto dentists talk about the natural look of dental implants and how they work.

Will dental implants blend in with my own natural teeth?

If you are in need of dental implants then you may be concerned about whether or not they will look like your natural teeth.

At Bay Elm Dental, we understand you may have concerns or be nervous about getting a dental implant, but our dentists are here to assure you that this tooth replacement option is created to blend in with your own teeth as well as possible.

This concern can be even more pressing for patients that are hoping to have any front teeth replaced. After all, this oral surgery typically needs months to heal between stages - you likely want the result to look and feel natural!

Whenever we can, we like to help answer questions, address concerns and help our patients set expectations about their new dental implants and what they can expect them to look and feel like compared to their own teeth.

Is there any way to make dental implants look as natural as possible?

One area that your dentist will look at before beginning a dental implant procedure will be whether or not your jaw bone is strong enough to support the implant. When you have missing teeth it can eventually lead to bone loss. If this is the case then they will perform a bone grafting procedure to provide a solid base for the implant. The transplanted bone will add volume and density to your jaw in the area where bone loss has happened. The dentist will surgically place the implant to ensure proper placement.

Your dentist will then need to take an impression of your teeth in order to have your dental implant created. The tooth replacement that's attached to the implant will be a bridge, crown or denture. Every person's teeth are different and so your dentist will take the time to make sure that your new dental implant matches the size, shape and colour of the missing tooth.

To many people, the aesthetic aspect of dental implants is one of the most important reasons for replacing missing teeth. Every characteristic from the material the tooth replacement is made of to the lab tech making the crown will impact how natural the dental implant appears.  

Dental implants, while expensive, are made to last a lifetime with proper care. Keep in mind that you'll need to practice excellent oral hygiene and care for your implant just as you would your natural teeth, brushing twice a day and flossing once each day. 

Once both stages of the dental implant are complete and your tooth replacement is in place, it should be difficult for the casual observer to notice the difference.

Plus, replacing missing teeth will also protect your oral and overall health by preventing surrounding natural teeth from shifting to fill the gap left by a missing tooth. The dental implant will also preserve your facial structure, preventing the 'sunken' look that can result from missing teeth. 

Have more questions about dental implants? Contact our Toronto dentists today to schedule a consultation.

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