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  • 655 Bay St. Suite 7 Toronto ON M5G 2K4 CA

Your Downtown Toronto Dental Office

Welcome to Bay Elm Dental near Bay and Elm in downtown Toronto. If you attend Ryerson University, our office is located near campus!

Downtown Toronto Dentist's Office

The Experience

Our downtown Toronto office, located at the intersection of Bay and Elm, offers you plenty of professional dental services.

We strive to make our environment friendly and relaxed. We use digital radiography and oral cameras to collect accurate imaging data. Using your dental X-rays, our dentists can help you understand your oral health issues. 

Our office features a reception area with a coffee bar, TV, and magazines to try and help you feel more relaxed prior to your appointment. We can also submit your insurance forms electronically, which may help you obtain your coverage benefits faster.

Your First Visit

When you visit us for the first time, we start with an exam that is followed up with a consultation to help you understand your treatment options.

There are dental treatments that can be completed in one visit; however, additional appointments might be necessary. This depends on the results of your dental exam, your diagnosis and your treatment plan.

Downtown Toronto Dentist's Office
Dental Procedures in Toronto

Our Procedures

Although Bay Elm Dental refers to it as "general dentistry," we try to make our dental services specific to each patient.

A dental diagnosis and treatment are combined to try and eliminate any mouth discomfort, improve your overall oral health and enhance your appearance. Schedule your next appointment with us in our downtown Toronto dental office, located at the northeast corner of Bay and Elm.

A diagnosis and treatment will help prevent any costly, long-term, and potentially harmful dental health issues. Our dental care, which includes routine oral hygiene, is available to you at Bay Elm Dental.

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